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Tim Phillips - Transformer teachers

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In this talk, Tim Phillips looks at transformational CPD, what it is and what it means to you.

About the webinar

Every teacher faces challenges and changes. You work in a new school. You teach a different level. You have an especially talented group of students. You have a really challenging student. You have to teach to a new syllabus or for a new version of the exam. You’re observed and you need to respond to the feedback. Every teacher needs to deal with these challenges and changes. Teachers do transform themselves!

This session is for teachers who want to explore how we deal with these challenges and changes. It will focus on the professional practice, Taking responsibility for one's own professional development, and how to get the most out of professional development to meet these challenges.

Sometimes in discussing what effective professional development is, the idea of “transformational models of CPD” is used. I will discuss this concept and look at what it means for you, the audience, and for teachers more widely.

What are the factors that encourage you to seek to develop your practice? How do you identify areas you feel you want to develop? What action do you take? And then what effect does this have on your classroom practice and how do you assess this?

I will be discussing your contributions to polls during the session and comments in the chat room. I will also be presenting examples that teachers have provided about what really makes a difference to their professional development, and using these to provide practical examples of what you can do to continue to be “transformer teachers”.

About the speaker

Tim Phillips is the head of teacher development in English at the British Council and has been leading the development of British Council Teaching for Success, including the CPD frameworks for teachers and teacher educators, and a new set of professional development resources for teachers. Tim's professional interests focus on transformative CPD and the impact of CPD on classroom practice.