In this interview, Tim Phillips and John Shackleton talk about the British Council’s CPD Framework for teachers and the CPD Framework for teacher educators. They talk about the ways in which the framework can be used a valuable tool for improving teacher quality. They discuss the process involved in developing the framework, emphasizing the importance of incorporating feedback from teachers and teacher educators as an integral part of the process in order to feel a sense of ownership over their development.

John and Tim’s talk looks at frameworks for continuing professional development and explores the usefulness of these as a tool for teachers to help them focus on areas for development. Their talk focuses on the global Continuing Professional Development framework currently being developed by the British Council.

Your professional development: With each interview, we are asking our viewers to think about their own professional development. Below is a question for you to think about and answer. You can use these questions as a basis for discussion with colleagues or add a comment below.

For discussion: Do you use a CPD framework in your context? If so, how useful do you find it? If not, how do you structure your professional development?

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