In this interview, Rosie Tanner and Huma Riaz talk about some of the challenges they faced when developing materials as part of the BLISS project (Bihar Language Initiative for Secondary Schools) and how they overcame those. They offer some advice for people wanting to develop materials for teachers and explain some of the differences between developing material for and teachers and for students.

How can secondary school English teachers encourage interaction and real communication in large classes with few resources? This workshop introduces the audience to some of the communicative teacher education materials that an experience team of Indian trainers and materials writers have developed for the British Council’s BLISS project.

Your professional development: With each interview, we are asking our viewers to think about their own professional development. Below is a question for you to think about and answer. You can use these questions as a basis for discussion with colleagues or add a comment below.

For discussion: Huma and Rosie talk about the challenges they faced when creating their materials and resources. What difficulties do you face when writing materials to use in your classes? How can you overcome these challenges?


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