In this interview, Jamie Keddie talks about how the nature of using video for teaching and training has changed over time, moving from passive viewing of video towards more active creation of content by teachers and by students. Jamie also gives some advice to teachers and trainers who are keen to use video more in their professional practice.

Jamie’s talk at the Teacher Educator Conference 2015 looks at the increasing interest in and use of video-recording devices in language teaching and teacher training. The talk includes a number of videos that have been created by learners, teachers and trainers. Jamie uses these videos to examine and evaluate how video can be used for practical and pedagogical purposes.

The recording of this talk will be available soon

Your professional development: With each interview, we are asking our viewers to think about their own professional development. Below is a question for you to think about and answer. You can use these questions as a basis for discussion with colleagues or add a comment below.

For discussion:  Do you use video in your context or would you like to start using video? If you do, what have you found to be the benefits? If you would like to, what are the restraints?

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