In this interview, Alison explores how effective Continuing Professional Development (CPD) works in an Indian and global context. She discusses her involvement in the teacher educator programme in India and, in particular, some of the challenges faced by teacher eductaors and in teacher training in general, recommending some practical ways to overcome the challenges that exist in this area.

In her talk at the Teacher Educator Conference, Alison talks about her experience of the teacher education programme. She focuses on some of the issues related to monitoring, pointing out some of the negative elements of this mechanism. Comparing monitoring with mentoring she highlights some of the key benefits of a meaningful mentoring and coaching scheme and suggests some of the ways this can be implemented in a positive way to bring quality to teacher education and teacher training.

The recording of this talk will be available soon

Your professional development: With each interview, we are asking our viewers to think about their own professional development. Below is a question for you to think about and answer. You can use these questions as a basis for discussion with colleagues or add a comment below.

For discussion: What is your experience of mentoring or coaching schemes where you work? How effective has this been?

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