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The Teacher Trainer Journal celebrates its 30th Birthday!

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If you have never heard of our journal, here is a description of who we are and what we do!

Tessa Woodward

The Teacher Trainer is a practical journal especially for those interested in TESOL teacher training. Whether you are an experienced teacher who tends to be asked questions by others in the staffroom, a Director of Studies with an office of your own, whether you are a course tutor on a teacher training exam course, or an inspector going out to schools, this journal is for you. Our aims are to provide a forum for ideas, information and news, to put fellow TT professionals in touch with each other and to give all those involved in training, mentoring and educating teachers a feeling for how trainers in other fields operate, as well as building up a pool of experience within our own field.

The newsletter comes out three times a year and makes use of a variety of formats e.g. articles, letters, comments, quotations, interviews, cartoons, and spoofs. If the idea is good and useful to trainers, we’ll print it no matter what voice you choose to express it in.

Now, you may not know that the first issue of TTTJ came out in 1986! And we are still going in 2016, thirty years later. So that’s why we are celebrating at IATEFL conference this year with a 30th birthday panel. It would be great to see you there!

Come and join us at the IATEFL Conference in Birmingham, UK on Wednesday 13th April 1200-13.05 Hall 11b

If you can’t come to the IATEFL conference this year, we have a very rich web site at:

There you can read lots of free back articles, as well as find out about the latest issue. I would like to invite you to browse the site, read us there, to subscribe, write articles for the journal and advertise your courses and books in our pages. We are lively, iconoclastic, friendly and just about the only regular, international publication especially for TESOL teacher trainers, teacher educators and teacher mentors.

Come and join our professional community!

Tessa Woodward, Editor

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