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Teacher educators: How to approach teachers' beliefs about teaching?

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This learning module, designed specifically for teacher educators only, looks at managing teacher beliefs during teacher development activities.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘Teacher Belief Special’ for teacher educators on the Teacher Educator Community. This learning module is intended for teacher educators only, i.e. teacher trainers, mentors, education consultants, and teachers who provide teacher development activities to colleagues as part of their job. 

The ‘Teacher Belief Special’ is a module that looks at how beliefs and expectations can create challenges and opportunities for teacher educators delivering teacher development activity. The content  explores the beliefs that participants may bring to teacher training and development activities such as workshops and courses.  

Featuring a range of engaging activities, this ‘Special’ helps teacher educators to:

  • explore why some teachers might not have a positive view of new techniques or approaches that they meet in training
  • see and experience some ideas for encouraging teachers to uncover and question their own beliefs about teaching
  • understand important features of training models which help teachers to adopt and adapt new ideas in their teaching practice
  • have the opportunity to share experiences about micro-training and other ways to transfer skills from the training room into the classroom.

Teacher educators will also have the opportunity to share experiences of running workshops for teachers and ask any questions they have about this topic in a discussion forum.
Join us in this Special and find out more about the following questions:

  • What constitutes belief when applied to teaching contexts?
  • Where do teachers’ beliefs come from and how do they affect training content?
  • How can we help teachers think about their beliefs and question where their beliefs and teaching practices come from? 

Enrol in this Special now and take part in the discussion forum.

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