From 21 - 23 February 2014, the British Council and English and Foreign Languages University (EFL-U) Hyderabad hosted the International English Language Teacher Educator Conference (TEC) in Hyderabad with support from the English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI) and the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

Throughout the conference, we interviewed some of the key speakers and organisers. Below is a list of the recorded interviews.

Each interview looks at the broad theme of the conference Innovation in teacher education and the sub-themes Innovations in continuing professional development, Learning from experience and Technological resources for language education.

Interview with Michael Connolly

Michael Connolly is Assistant Director, English Partnerships in India and was heavily involved in the organisation of the conference. In this interview he talks about his role and the work that he and his team are doing with several of the state governments in India to develop and foster innovative systems for teacher development and training with huge numbers of teachers across the country.

Watch Michael's interview

Interview with Simon Borg

Simon Borg is a freelance ELT consultant who specialises in teacher education and development, teacher research and research methods training.
Simon’s talk looked at teacher research for professional development and addresses three questions:

  • What is teacher research? 
  • Why is teacher research a valuable activity for English language teachers?
  • How can English language teachers engage productively in teacher research?

Watch Simon's interview

The link to Simon's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Richard Smith

Richard Smith works at the University of Warwick and coordinates the TELC network as well as IATEFL's Research SIG

Richard’s workshop demonstrates an innovative development approach which builds on strengths in difficult teaching contexts, including large class size, rather than constraints and deficiencies.

Watch Richard's interview

The link to Richard's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Dawn Bikowski

Dawn Bikowski directs the English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) in the Linguistics department at Ohio University.

Dawn’s session looks at the pedagogy of collaboration and discusses how we can teach effectively with evolving technologies.

Watch Dawn's interview

The link to Dawn's talk will appear here soon

Interview with George Pickering, Geetha Durairajan, Nicky Hockly, Atanu Bhattacharya

In this interview we speak to the four members of the panel from the OUP debate new learning technologies exclude teachers.

Watch the interview

The link to the debate will appear here soon

Interview with Rama Mathew

Rama is the Head and Dean of the Department of Education, Delhi University.

Rama’s plenary Teacher Development as the Future of Teacher Education looks at what teacher development/growth means and identifies a number of development models and real-world examples that illustrate what is required for successful teacher development.

Watch Rama's interview

The link to Rama's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Alison Barrett & Emma-Sue­ Prince

Alison is the Director, English for Education Systems for the British Council in South Asia.

Emma is a freelance consultant working with the British Council in India. She is the Director of Unimenta, and author of Advantage: Essential Soft Skills to Stay One Step Ahead

Alison and Emma-Sue's interactive session CPD in Action looks at how they have implemented a successful CPD model in India by adapting the British Council's CPD framework for an Indian context.

Watch the interview with Alison and Emma-Sue

The link to Alison and Emma-Sue's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Vanessa Lee

Vanessa is the British Council project director for a large-scale teacher training project in Malaysia.

Vanessa's talk explores the concept of mentoring and shows the diversity of tools and activities used in the English Language Teacher Development Project (ELTDP) in East Malaysia. She highlights the argument that professional development is about a system of support that allows for and and encourages a range of individual and locally relevant activities.

Watch Vanessa's interview

The link to Vanessa's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Julian Edge and Steve Mann

Julian works at the Institute of Education, University of Manchester and has been involved in TESOL and teacher education since 1969

Steve works as a lecturer at the University of Warwick. Steve and Julian are the co-editors of Innovations in Pre-service Education and Training for English Language Teachers.

Their plenary talk is structured around familiar processes in teacher training, looking at the challenges faced by novice teachers and the concept of innovation in pre-service education.

Watch the interview with Julian and Steve

The link to Julian and Steve's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Tom Power

Tom is a senior lecturer and programme director for English in Action at the Open University, UK

Tom's plenary talk investigates the relationship between the introduction of new technologies and the professional development of teachers. He looks at the challenges of delivering technology-enhanced programmes for teachers and deals with a number of issues through a case study of English in Action.

Watch the interview with Tom

The link to Tom's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Graham Hall

Graham Hall is the editor of ELT Journal and a senior lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Northumbria University.

Graham's talk looks at the process of submitting a paper to a peer-reviewed journal and he gives clear and practical advice to people wanting to submit their own papers.

Watch Graham's interview

The link to Graham's talk will appear here soon

Interview with Nivedita Bedadur

Nivetida Bedadur is a Teacher Educator and Specialist, Academics and Pedagogy in the Azim Premji University. Nivedita's talk looks at co-development, an innovation in continuing professional development which attempts to provide a bottom-up model of teacher development and creates democratic learning opportunities through face to face mentoring and technology.

Watch Nivedita's interview


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