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Talking points

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This is a motivating student-centred speaking activity that provides an opportunity for students to speak about topics that interest them.

Jo Budden

You need scraps of paper and dice for this activity. You will need 12 bits of paper and two dice for each group of between three and six students. 


  • Put the students into groups and ask each group to write 12 topics they are interested in on the scraps of paper.
  • Tell the students to put the bits of paper face down on the table and to write the numbers 1 to 12 on the side facing up.
  • Give each group two dice. Students take turns to throw the dice, they turn over the corresponding bit of paper and the whole group talks for two minutes about that topic.
  • After two minutes call out 'throw again'. If a different number comes up they turn over that paper and change topic, if it's the same number they keep talking about the same topic for another two minutes. And so on until they have no bits of paper left, or you run out of time!

First published 2008

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Pre-intermediate: A2