Date: 27 February 2013

Theme: Story writing gives children the opportunity to be creative and enthusiastic about using English. Sharing the stories with their peers can also bring a strong sense of personal achievement. However, without adequate support producing stories can become an onerous task for early writers.

Providing scaffolding is one way to ensure that the children are able to complete the task while allowing their imaginations to thrive. Many people who did not receive the encouragement to write as children still struggle with their writing skills as adults. Therefore, it is important to build confidence in these early development stages.

In this webinar I will look at some ways to ensure that all children can contribute to the best of their ability. I will look at both hi-tech and low-tech ways to introduce creative writing to your classes, through materials, TPR activities and websites.

I also hope to hear about some of your successes – let’s share our ideas together!

Watch a recording of the webinar: Please click on the link below to watch a recording of the webinar

About the speaker: Suzanne is currently an E-Learning Consultant for the British Council and is based in Istanbul, where she manages the build of online courses for English language teacher development. Until recently, she was working as a teacher trainer and has over 10 years of English language teaching experience, including very young learners, business English and IELTS preparation.

Find out more about storytelling with primary learners in our teacher development module Understanding picture books for primary.



I think that webinars are very good for people who have to stay at home. The problems discusses during them will be useful in the people's works.

Thank you for the comment Aneta1c - I agree that webinars are a great way for people to be able to develop professionally in a comfortable way.

i am addicted to the webinars on OUP, Cambridge and Pearson. For BBC, i am the new one and exciting to be there on 27 Feb.


Yes - the webinar is free of charge. Just click on the links next to 'Time' and 'Location' in the information above to join the webinar.

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