These are activities that encourage students to talk about their plans for the summer.

Clare Lavery

Practise descriptions of places using photos from travel brochures. Give each group a selection of 5-6 places. Ask them to take turns in describing the place in their picture: the climate, the location, the activities you can do there. Make sure you have a good contrast in climates/urban and rural/developed or very deserted places. Then either:

a. Ask each group to select their favourite destination from the pictures you have given them. Go round the class and ask them to say why they would like to visit the place in the picture.

b. Or ask them to use their pictures to pick a holiday for a honeymoon couple, a group of teenagers and a retired couple. Each group presents their choice to the class explaining why they have chosen this holiday, why it is suitable.

Focus on plans for the summer (not just a holiday) and use them to preview the language needed to talk about plans. Ask students to note down key words while you are speaking: This July I’m planning to work in my uncle’s shop and I’m going to do some reading for my university course next year. I would like to play a bit of tennis and spend some time with my friends. Ask students to do the same exercise in pairs. The note-taking will help them listen carefully. Go round the class asking students to tell you about their partner’s plans.

Use a holiday song to introduce the topic e.g. Cliff Richard’s Summer holiday or Madonna’s Holiday.

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Pre-intermediate: A2

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