Date: 25 October 2011

Theme: This webinar will explore different aspects of learner-centred teaching. What does it mean to be 'learner-centred'? Why is it important? We will examine some of the practical issues. What problems might arise? Is learner-centred teaching possible in all contexts? We will consider these and other questions, and also introduce some ideas which can help teachers to become more learner-centred.

Watch a recording of the webinar:

About the speaker: Sue Sheerin, formerly Director of the University of Sussex Language Institute, is an educational consultant with many years’ experience in language teaching, teacher training and academic management.



Dear Sue /British CouncilThank you for the opportunity to grow and learn as a teacher. I'd like to share my challenge, if possible, with Sue. I teach one to one, teenagers willing to take International Exams and adults willing to speak English. In the second group, I find  L-CT is easier, needless to say. Though I can´t do group work I encourage them to record themselves and we share projects , reports, ideas, opinions in our blog, thus promoting interaction. Little by little and with a lot of patience!But when it comes to teaching FCE, let's say, I am doubtful about my planning. I'd like to share this example: Some conversations in the practice tests are really interesting and when I try to develop some follow up discussion, I realize my students don´t know much about the talk, so I conclude that students listen to get clues to answer questions. Some teachers think that doing other activities, like projects, rather than focusing totally on developing the proper skills to PASS, could be distructing for students. Of course, there's the time element. But I'd love to get some feedback on planning when students have to take this kind of exams.Thank you very much in advanceDebbie 

is it possible to access a page from the presentation?  i would like to use the page that has all the questions about who does what in the classroom.  Many thanks

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