This volume is an anthology of some select presentations made at the first international conference of English language teacher educators on the theme Starting, Stimulating and Sustaining English Language Teacher Education and Development held at Hyderabad, India on 22 - 24 January 2011.

Edited by Paul Gunashekar, Amol Padwad, Daphne Pawelec

The collection includes papers that have emerged from serious research, presentations founded on experiences in the training classroom, and teacher development workshops based on ideas and techniques that work. The twenty-one contributions represent a broad spectrum of issues that are of concern to the teacher educator including Continuing Professional Development (CPD), teaching English in economically and linguistically impoverished contexts, the interface between theory and practice, the interdependence of teaching and research, curriculum and materials development, the  influence of proficiency training on professional performance, innovations in the training classrooms, and using technology in the language classroom. 

We also hope that this publication will help language teachers and teacher educators to reflect on their own practice, break out of professional isolation, explore new avenues of teacher development, acknowledge the challenges of teaching English in multilingual contexts, integrate theory and practice into a meaningful whole, and develop social consciousness through critical pedagogy.
This publication is free to download below.

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