Date: 21 February 2012

Theme: Most people think of a language as having four main skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Good performance in any of these skills, however is dependent on clear thinking, and attention to this needs to be built into every language course. In this webinar I will be focussing on some of the reasons why thinking is not always built into language classes and some of the things that teachers can do to encourage their learners to think more critically and more effectively. I will refer, among other things, to the place of textbooks, the importance of questions and questioning, the value of language awareness work and the inner world of learners.

Watch a recording of the webinar:

As the first section of the webinar is unfortunately missing, you can access the complete set of presentation slides here:


About the speaker: Rod Bolitho is Academic Director at Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE). He is also currently consultant to the British Council on a Teacher Education project in Uzbekistan, an Academic English project in Russia, a project to develop English materials for Rural Tourism in Romania, and a CPD initiative in India. He has just completed a series of articles on Holistic Approaches to Grammar for English Teaching Professional. His most recent book (co-authored with Tony Wright) is 'Trainer Development', available from 

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