This is a good activity for checking information for younger learners.

Jo Budden


  • Line up the class in a row facing you.
  • Say a sentence and students have to decide if the sentence is right or wrong. For example, ‘Today is Friday' or ‘There are 14 students in our class today' or ‘Mateu is wearing a green jumper'.
  • If the sentence is right students should take a big step to the right. If it's wrong, they should take a big step to the left.
  • When the students get the idea, one of them can make up the sentences.
  • If you like, the last person to step, of the students who step the wrong way, can be eliminated.


This sounds like a fun, simple game that can be played with any number of students on any level.

I think this method seems effective especially for young English learners.
Since kids have a tendency to like moving around at class, this way would help them not only have fun but also concentrate on listening to words and phrases.

Thank you so much for introducing varieties of activities as usual.

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