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Research mentoring for teacher educators

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In this webinar we discuss the recent increased interest in teacher research engagement by English language teachers and the need for teacher research mentoring that can and should be offered to teachers.

About the webinar

Although research could be self-initiated process, there is often need for different forms of support, knowledge and skills for doing research. Therefore, after reviewing our experience in an online research training initiative that we coordinated, we would like to focus on specific qualities research mentors need to have and examine various roles that they may need to take on while providing such support. 

Teacher educators are among the potential mentors who could help teacher researchers. We provide different mentor roles matched with the specific research practices and skills by exemplifying research questions, data collection and generation tools. We end the webinar by posing some questions for the audience to further think about. 

About the speakers

Kenan Dikilitaş is an Associate Professor at the department of English Language Teaching at Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul Turkey. His research interests include English language teacher education with a focus on teacher research and bilingual teacher development. He is currently the joint coordinator of IATEFL ReSIG

Asli Lidice Gokturk Saglam has been an English teacher in EAP settings for 19 years. She holds a PhD. in language testing and assessment. She is an educational technologies enthusiast. Her research interests include; teacher education, educational technology and testing and assessment.

Watch a recording of the webinar below