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Reports on English language teaching and learning in the Maghreb

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This collection of reports outlines the context for English language training, teaching and learning across Maghreb.

The countries of the Maghreb – namely Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia – face many shared challenges including youth unemployment, which has hit 29% across the region. A number of socio-economic factors are involved but there is a growing body of evidence which indicates that the limited ability to speak English and lack of business-related soft skills are the two main labour deficiencies that have prevented young people in the Maghreb finding or creating employment.

Encouragingly, governments across the Maghreb increasingly recognise the importance that English language skills and a quality education can play in employment opportunities, both at home and internationally.

The report and country profiles are of interest to the UK ELT sector, educational practitioners in general and STEM specialists with an interest in working in, or with, the Maghreb countries.

These publications are free to download in pdf format below.