Theme: Reality TV programmes, the types of TV programmes in the UK, Interactive TV
Lexical area:Television, Types of programmes, Tastes
Cross curricular links: Media Studies

This lesson looks at different types of TV programmes and viewing habits in your students’ country. It considers the dangers and merits of reality TV. Students will extend their vocabulary related to television, speak about their own preferences, conduct a short survey about viewing habits and read a text about different types of programmes in the UK. Finally students will take part in a discussion about the positive and negative aspects of certain TV genres.


• To learn and practise vocabulary related to television and TV programmes
• To practise speaking skills
• To practise question formation
• To practise writing skills

Age group: 12- adult

B1 / B2

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Materials: Reality TV student worksheet and lesson plan.

By: Clare Lavery


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