This programme involves a visit to Zeyno’s lesson which builds towards diary writing based on facts in The Railway Children, a novel the children have been reading.

We hear how a writing lesson can start with a focus on speaking, listening and reading skills. We look at some of the planning that needs to be done for a writing class, including stages and timing, as well as the language problems students might face and how much guidance we need to give in advance.

In the class we listen to, a clear ‘diary’ model is developed and put on the board, which the students need to follow. 

Some of the stages you will hear include discussing the events of the story, getting lots of useful words onto the board, writing one sample diary entry together as a whole class as a useful model, then students writing their own entries as one of the characters from the novel.

A creative writing task like this one allows students to be expressive, so the teacher is not too strict about the grammar and spelling at this stage. She has the chance later to point out any problems.

Download the teacher support worksheet below to help you think about ways of introducing writing in your classes.

Audio (MP3): 

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