In this programme we look at the importance of teaching writing and, in particular, how to get the basics right.  

You will how we can build beginners’ confidence by giving them very simple tasks, for example copying out short sentences and then filling in the gaps, or following an outline to create a similar sentence.

You will also hear how Hasantha uses pictures to encourage her younger students to brainstorm and then write simple sentences. In Monika’s classroom we hear a writing activity which reinforces some of the grammar that she had just taught (prepositions of place) with students inventing their own sentences.

Throughout the programme, you will hear a number of tips from the speakers, including:

  • How to move from guided to freer and more creative writing tasks as students progress.
  • Why it's important to create a context and a reason for writing.
  • Giving guidelines on the format of letter writing.
  • Encouraging students to use self-correction and peer correction as well as getting help from the teacher.

Download the teacher support worksheet below to help you think about ways of introducing writing in your classes.

Audio (MP3): 


Click on the link above and you can download and save the pdf from there. For the audio, right click on the audio bar and click 'save link as' Choose a place to save and save the file.

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