Many teachers say that we need to keep on learning, improve our skills and be aware of new developments in teaching to improve.

In this programme, we hear about the obstacles faced by many teachers working in isolation. We learn about a 7-point plan from Dharmendra on the areas that teachers need to work on to keep improving their knowledge of English. Some of the tips and advice we hear about include:

  • Sharing problems, experiences and great suggestions with other teachers to build knowledge and self-confidence.
  • Practising by ‘microteaching’ our lessons to friendly colleagues and have regular peer discussions on different topics.
  • Watching other people’s classes with the purpose of taking away some good ideas to adapt and use.
  • Reflecting on our teaching and keep a journal.

Download the teacher support worksheet below to help reflect on your teaching.

Audio (MP3): 


I am glad to see the idea of teacher reflection being endorsed by my fellow teachers in other parts of the world.It is my personal view that teacher perception of learning strategies and learner difficulties could be contemplated further in this scenario,as I find most of the college teachers in India complaining of too much of clerical work on system audit but less focus on teacher education and research.
I suggest the administrators of the educational institutions be made aware of this challenge faced by teachers.

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