Do you think about colours, fonts and grouping when you use a board or prepare a presentation?

Watch and listen to Tony's ideas and leave your comments below.



I usually have problems to find the right colors, especially when I want to contrast them in a background, or when using boxes to highlight important parts of the language. I am really glad I got to know about the existence of the Color Wheel! Thanks a lot!

Thanks so much for the tips!
I´ve found them very useful and esy to put into practice.

Thank you for the video tips some were really useful.
However, as a SEND professional a word of caution! Be aware that some of the colours and fonts would not be appropriate for those with Dyslexia, whether it be mild or severe. Do check your students backgrounds prior to writing board work as they may not be able to access the information they need.

Hi Jorge

Can you give me some more details as to why you cant view the video please.

Try using a different browser perhaps.




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