One way to introduce vocabulary could be having your students write poems.

Martha Valenzuela
  • It sounds difficult, but you can make one yourself, such as "I am a teacher, I work hard, I love my students, and they love me too."
  • Tell them that you want to be the first to have the poem they write before it is published
  • Give them the words you want them to use
  • Perhaps elicit some rhyming words for this vocabulary set
  • Students may work in pairs or individually
  • You can display the poems around the wall for the students to walk around - in pairs - and give some kind of mark or comment of appreciation

Another way is to use the words in a picture game.

  • Have each student write a card with the written word and one with a drawing or a magazine (or similar) cut-out.
  • Put 20 of them in line face down (one line for words and one for pictures).
  • Each student lifts one picture and a word. If they match, s/he gets one point.
  • If not, s/he puts them back.
  • The others probably will take notice where the answer is.
  • You have to have a place where they will not disturb other classes, because it gets noisy!
Language level
Language Level: 
Pre-intermediate: A2

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