Whatever type of text you ask your students to produce, peer correction can be a very useful part of the process.

Watch Clare talk about one method she uses with an OHP (overhead projector) and OHT sheets (overhead transparencies). What do you think? Do you get your students to peer correct and edit? Leave a comment below!

For ideas on the process writing approach, have a look at our article here:



I really like this idea.  Even without an OHT, it can work almost as well with pencil and paper.  Once students have edited each other's work, I collect the writing and blu-tack each piece of paper to the walls for different groups to read and comment on.
If resources allow, it can work really well outside the classroom using a wiki.
Just as an aside, I laughed out loud when you said "Any problems, you can hit them right away!"

This is great. As a result of watching this video, I now do a lot of peer correction activites for written work- compositions, warmers- writing word lists on the board, mind maps. My students love correcting each others work and, for the most part, don't mind being corrected.

Thanks for sharing your ideas, this one is really good, students don't get distracted, they're really commited with the tasks, it's just accurate and lets no chance for excuses.

HiHow can I download this video?Is there anyone help me how to do it?thanks a lot

I like the idea ,though clash of feelings can be a problem . creating a friendly atmosphere in EFL classes is a bit of tricky . the idea of telling students in advance that you are going to get corrected by peers brings up challenges which can traumatize feelings and could create uncalled stress on the part of weaker and shyer students . and by the way ,I suppose writing must be kept as much as possible a private effort . many times as a teacher I have come across those killing eying which students throw on the others , mostly girls .


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