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Peace education in the secondary school ELT curriculum

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In this webinar, we discuss Peace Education in the Secondary School ELT Curriculum, winner of the 2017 British Council ELTons Award for Course Innovation.

About the webinar

The idea of a series of coursebooks combining English language teaching (ELT) and Peace Education was triggered by the close contact Eduardo Amos has had with the reality of secondary schools in the various regions of Brazil over the last three decades both as an English teacher and as a textbook writer. An atmosphere of intolerance and violence is not uncommon in the educational setting and it needs to be addressed.

Bringing real-life topics to the classroom and giving students room to voice their opinions and to listen to one another gives the ELT class a broader perspective and wider reach.

About the speaker

Eduardo Amos is a Brazilian educator and an author both of ELT textbooks and juvenile fiction in Portuguese.

Watch the webinar recording below