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Organising classroom observation

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Download two useful guides on organising observations and watch three short videos by managers from three different centres.

Lorraine Kennedy, Fiona Dunlop and Dan Humm Soriano discuss some of the benefits of peer observation and more formal observation, and the importance of these as part of the professional development process. Watch the videos and download our observation guides at the bottom of the page.

A guide to continuing professional development – peer observation

This downloadable guide looks at how to promote a positive attitude towards peer observation and a shared sense of collaboration, which will in turn enhance the satisfaction and performance of individual teachers and teaching teams.

A guide to continuing professional development – formal observations

This downloadable guide provides valuable information and suggestions on how to make formal observations effective and useful.

Video 1: Fiona Dunlop 

Video 2: Loraine Kennedy

Video 3: Dan Humm Soriano