This lesson plan for teachers of teenage students at level B1/ B2 raises awareness of Safer Internet Day. Students will produce a ‘top tips’ poster. 


Safer Internet Day (#SID) is celebrated every year in February. To help raise awareness of this important issue, this lesson plan is all about online safety and young learners.

In this lesson, students start by talking about how they use the internet, they then watch a video about online safety and read about staying safe online. They do a speaking activity based on the video and the text, and finish by making a poster with their top tips for staying safe online.


Online safety




60 minutes +


  • To develop students’ awareness of online safety issues
  • To develop students’ listening skills
  • To develop students’ reading skills
  • To develop students’ speaking skills


Lesson plan and internet access (download the lesson plan below)

You can also read Kyle Mawer's recent blog post giving some excellent tips for online safety with young learners.

Lesson by Sally Trowbridge

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The lesson plan is very interesting. I'll try it with my students, thank you very much.

I can't find the second video..... is there any problem or it's my laptop? Thanks.

Hi Pepsishakerata

I've tried the link and it works fine for me. The link takes you to the video zone page and you then need to click on the Cyberbullying - let's fight it together link.

If this doesn't work, could you please try a different browser.

If a different browser doesn't work then please let me know and we can see if its something at our end.

Best wishes


I like the ideas in lesson plans of this type which I feel address important issues of digital literacy in an L2. There are clear synergies to my work which focuses on a "post CALL era" of Mobile Assisted Language Use a (MALU). Ineed,lessons like this might be characterised as the realisation of MALU.

i like this type of activity among teen age to know the internet as well as problem which they r facing while educational methods........

Hi Huw
Good to see you using and commenting on the site. I'd be interested to hear more about MALU and the work you're doing on this.
Best wishes

I am trying this lesson today, I'm sure it will work. Our youth need this kind of instruction. Thank to British Council which illuminates teachers who want to profit and gain more experience. Thanks again. I mean it

I did this with a group of 12 -13 yr olds from a large children's home I volunteer at.

We overran our hour by about 20 minutes with the kids asking questions and discussing issues (in Italian) among themselves.

The only complaint (from a staff member!) was that the speech in the video was too fast for her to follow.

This was my first time using material from this site, I found it very useful and am looking forward to my next session - not sure which lesson plan I'll use for it...


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