This lesson for primary-aged students focuses on language to describe classroom objects.

This lesson focuses on introducing or reviewing language to describe classroom objects. Students will learn the names for a series of common classroom objects (the teacher can decide on these, based on what there is in their particular classroom). They will also learn / review prepositions of place in order to be able to describe where things are in the classroom. There is a fun song to practise the language, as well as several ideas for follow up / revision or homework activities.

• To review vocabulary related to classroom objects
• To learn / review prepositions of place
• To practise using the structure ‘there is…’

Age group: Primary

Level: A1 

Time: 60 + minutes

1. Set of sticky labels with the names of classroom objects written on them. Suggested items: Pen, pencil, folder, desk, sellotape, board, clock, computer, projector etc.
2. 6 or 7 large speech bubbles with sentences in like ‘It’s on the table’’

Jo Bertrand

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