February is a good time to reflect and plan your professional development for the rest of the year.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for your continuing professional development (CPD)?

Watch our webinar with teacher educators Cristiana Osan, Teo Naiba and Nelson Arditto, recorded on 15 February. Find out about some useful continuing professional development activities! 

Nelson Arditto - My CPD resolution: Facilitating a teacher activity group: challenges and rewards

Cristiana Osan and Teo Naiba - Our top CPD resolution for 2019: Peer reflection

We hope this event will inspire you to make 2019 your year of personal and professional development! 

Watch the recording!

Nelson Arditto

My CPD resolution: Facilitating a teacher activity group: challenges and rewards

In this webinar, we’ll look at some questions (and possible answers) hovering over anyone thinking about facilitating a TAG such as: How do you create a feeling of egalitarianism among all members, including the facilitator?
How do you decide what to focus on? 
How do you manage meetings with teachers with different levels of experience?
 What activities do you use in the meetings? 
How do you create follow-up for following meetings?
 When and how do you bring the TAG to a successful closure?

Nelson Arditto

Hello everyone! My name's Nelson and I'm a teacher and teacher educator at the British Council in Valencia, Spain. I hold an MA in Applied Lunguistics and TESOL, DELTA and YL Extension. I've been involved in teacher education for a few years now. I've always been keen on delivering INSETT workshops at my centre as well as at conferences in different parts of the country. I love the buzz that the exchange of ideas can bring to these sessions. I've worked as a DELTA local tutor, DipTESOL and TYLEC tutor and I'm currently the CertTESOL Course Director at my centre. I also work as an e-moderator and have tutored on a variety of different British Council online courses for different projects around the world i.e. English for Teaching in Malaysia, CiPELT in Portugal and CLIL in Spain.  

Cristiana Osan and Teo Naiba

Our top CPD resolution for 2019: Peer reflection

While reflection is generally considered a personal process, it can be highly effective when done with the help of a peer. The presentation will explore the practical aspects of reflection in terms of team teaching, peer feedback and support. The presentation itself shows how the two facilitators have collaborated both face-to-face and online and helped each other to develop their reflective skills. The two facilitators are committed to continuing their professional development by introducing more diversity in the reflective tools they use together.

Cristiana Osan

I started as a teacher in a bilingual high school in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for 11 years. For the last 12 years, I have worked as a teacher educator, a trainers' trainer, an online moderator, an examiner for international certificates and materials writer, thus collaborating in various projects with thousands of teachers around the world.

Teo Naiba

I have been teaching English for about 18 years in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and I have worked as a teacher trainer in different British Council projects. I started working as an e-moderator for British Council online courses 8 years ago and later on, I became an e-mentor.It has been a great experience exploring the online environment and also sharing ideas with teachers and moderators all over the world. 

Watch the recording!

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