Ken Wilson outlines ten ways to create an atmosphere that makes students want to come to class. January 2012, London.

What makes your students want to come to your class? This seminar, with Ken Wilson, outlines ten ways to create an atmosphere that makes them want to do just that.

You can read a report of the seminar here.



Brilliant seminar, with great ideas that we probably all know we should be using.  Has remotivated me at a point where I'm getting tired and feel that I'm running out of ideas.  Thanks for a great seminar - worth the 50 minutes of my time on a Sunday afternoon!

Really enjoyed watching that! Thank you! Brilliant ideas and points!! I have been teaching in Italy for 10 years and Italian kids/teenages are quite difficult to motivate at times and hopefully these ideas work! 

I cannot acess the video. I only see the words connection error instead. kindly help.

The presentation was really good but I wanted to suggest something for the benefit of readers and learners of English as a second language in India.

Why are you not suggesting any presentation for the Indian teachers and students? Specially, Teachers of India who are working globally lacks motivational strategies. Kindly provide some good presentation which will support unmotivated students.


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