What is mobile learning, or m-learning?

Watch Chris talk about how he uses mobile devices in class, then leave a comment below if you have similar ideas.

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Hi Achraf,
Classroom management is definitely an issue with any activity, and those using mobile phones are no exception. Students need to understand the responsibilties of using technology and the consequences of any behaviour that breaks school rules.
These issues are not restricted to cellphones. Pornography has existed in anologue (e.g. magazine) format for a lot longer than in its digital format, although of course the digital formats mean it is much more wide spread. We must ensure we work with our students, especially children, to responsibly use the technologies they have access to in and out of class and help them develop into principled digital users.

Hi Achraf,

You make some very good points here regarding classroom management. As the pupils have this technology anyway if they are going to be 'naughty' they can do it out of class. In class if they have there phones on the desk rather than hiding them under the desk we as teachers can control them much better.

Here are some resources which you might find useful, related to mobile and e learning safety issues:


I hope these are helpful



In our school mobile phones are not allowed.It's really funny and effective to use it in the classroom.In this way the students aren't going to use them wrongly but for their benefit.Firstly I was SURPRISED but now I am encouraged to use them.   

It is just great what you can do with technology, i have not thought of the ideas given in this video... Thank you very much for this great input...

thank you for this new idea  using mobile activities    Ihope it will  be useful.

I think the use of the mobile phone for learning is very important. Students take them to school and it's an opportunity to motivate them. Congratulations !!!

It is a great idea. Knowledge is power and this new means of education can increase power to the individuals and nations that impliment it. Raad 

Great video, really interesting and the students seem engaged. I do something similar with new classes sometimes. I ask them to get out their phones and choose a picture to tell their partner about. Then you can ask the partner to relay the information to the rest of the class, or get them to complete a survey of the class (how many people chose a picture of their friends/ a recent holiday/ night out/ family member) etc, or talk about technology in their lives and how they can use it to improve their English. It's personal and quite memorable and there's lots of jumping-off points (although continuing the lesson by introducing the school's "no mobiles" policy can evoke wry smiles among some students...)

Thank you, Chris, for this video, it's very interesting for me to find out this fonction of phones, good! I'd like to use it in my class and enjoy with my st-s.

Mobile learning is a useful tool,because it is very common  that students bring one mobile to the classroom.And if we use some material of them,they will feel part of the subject.


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