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Mentoring teachers and trainers: a recipe for successful programmes

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In this webinar recording, Nelson Arditto and Nora Touparlaki explore ways of making mentoring programmes successful.

About the webinar

We look at our experiences of mentoring and why it’s beneficial for both mentor and mentee. We also consider the elements involved in successful mentoring and the different stages in a programme. Finally, we talk about implementing a mentoring scheme in our context and some anticipated difficulties and solutions.

About the speakers

Nora Touparlaki has been teaching English for more than 18 years. She has studied Educational Psychology and Learning Disorders, and also holds a Master’s in TESOL. She runs her own private language school in Greece, where she teaches mainly exam classes. She has been involved in e-moderating with the British Council since 2013. At the same time she works as a freelance online teacher trainer, as well as a DoS and teacher trainer for summer language schools in the UK.

Nelson Arditto has taught adults and Young Learners since 1997 in the UK, Spain, Syria, UAE, Ukraine, Jordan and Hong Kong. He has been a teacher trainer on CertTESOL, DipTESOL and TYLEC courses since 2010 and has moderated British Council online courses for primary and secondary teachers since 2013, especially CLIL. His areas of interest include ICT and teacher education. He holds a DELTA, YL Extension and MA TESOL

Watch the webinar recording below