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Martin Froggett - Building the mentor-mentee relationship

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Martin's talk will look at the key factors teacher educators need to consider when establishing a successful and effective mentor-mentee relationship. 

About the webinar

Participants will look at a variety of intervention styles, when and why to use them and their potential impacts. The talk will draw on the Teaching for Success materials as well as research done on mentoring, such as the "Six Category Intervention model".

The session will quickly set the scene and give a few examples before discussing some scenarios and inviting the audience to choose which intervention they think would be best. 

The intervention styles include authoritative intervention types (prescriptive, informative and confronting) and facilitative intervention types (cathartic, catalytic and supportive).

These should be thought of as complimentary as opposed to contradictory and give those working in the field a practical and researched approach to facilitating development activity.

About the speaker

Martin works as a Training Consultant in Sri Lanka on a variety of different projects covering teacher and trainer training, educational research and self-access learning. He has a lot of experience working as a mentor in Malaysian primary schools as well as working in training and development with education professionals in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Martin is also a trained English teacher and has taught in many countries around the world.