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Managing Change in English Language Teaching

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This collection provides guidance on designing, implementing or evaluating an ELT project. 

Edited by Dr Christopher Tribble
Drawing on a wide range of international experience, this new collection focuses on the challenges of designing and implementing English language teaching change projects. In the context of a rapidly changing, global economy, governments, ministries of education and education professionals are having to respond to increasing demands for improvements in the learning and teaching of English in formal education systems. However, policy makers and language professionals have to contend with many complex issues as they attempt to bring about lasting change. 

With twenty-one case studies from around the world, and four over-arching papers on key issues in the management and evaluation of change in ELT, this volume should interest and assist anyone looking for practical guidance in designing, implementing or evaluating an ELT project. It also offers unique insights into where things can go right, and where they can go wrong.

This publication is free to download in pdf format below. We have also made certain parts of the publication available as separate pdfs.