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Lizzie Pinard - Fostering learner autonomy

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Watch a recording of Lizzie Pinard's talk from March 2016 talking about how we can foster learner autonomy by helping our students negotiate real and virtual environments outside of the classroom to develop their English.

About the webinar

This talk aims to provide teachers with a range of practical ideas contextualised by theories of autonomy and motivation, that demonstrate what can be done inside the classroom to stimulate learners’ motivation, encourage exploration of their linguistic environment (real and/or virtual) and develop the skills needed for effective identification, use and evaluation of the opportunities for language use and practice which exist outside the classroom but which, without adequate support and guidance, may often be overlooked and under-exploited.

About the speaker

Lizzie is currently teaching English at the University of Sheffield’s English Language Teaching Centre, where she has worked since June 2015. Previously she has worked in Indonesia, Sicily and various locations in the UK. She holds a Delta and an M.A. in English Language Teaching. As well as teaching, she is interested in classroom-based research, materials development and ELT-related writing.

Watch the recording of the webinar below