All around the world children love listening to and reading fairy tales in their mother tongue. Whatever the reason, fairy tales provide both children and teachers with a familiar starting point from which to explore stories in a second language.

This kit contains a variety of resources, from text and tasks to illustrations, flashcards and presentations, for you to download and use in your classroom. You can also find online and printable materials for students on the British Council's LearnEnglish Kids website.


  • Activities: a collection of activities related to the story
  • Chants: a collection of spoken drill type activities
  • Flashcards: to help you to build up vocabulary and support understanding
  • Play: to help you to use the materials to produce a short play
  • Story: to help you to tell the story


  • Introduction (explains how you can use the materials in class)





About this BritLit Kit
This is the first in a short series of kits for primary school learners of English. It was produced to respond to the initiative of governments, including the Portuguese government, to lower the age at which English is taught in state schools. Written by Carolyne Ardron and Sue Clarke, illustrations by Paul Millard.



I've tried the material with young adult students and combine it with The Wolf Tale. Perfect combination!!! Thank you very much for all the resources available!!! 

That's a very interesting project, Mariana.  Who'd have thought?!  What ability level were the young adults?  I presume they responded well, given your enthusiasm.Fitch

Iam a teacher in English in Kerala, India. Thank you for providing a wonderful chance. I surely would try it among my young learners.

This is really amazing. My 3 years daughter is not so perfect in english but considering her age it is fine but I would like to make perfect in her english language and remembering words. Doing her dressup for a school and bought a cotton dress for her last night.

Thanks a lot for sharing these ideas and materials. They are fantastic and our young learners will definitely love them. It's a great help!

I've loved all the activities and ideas. They really help developing different skills and also have a focus on different learning styles.
Thank You!


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