Coming to the end of a course with a group of students can be a very positive time. The last couple of lessons are the conclusion to all that has gone before.

Follow this basic plan to make sure you end on a high note.

  • Nothing new. Do not plan to introduce any new language or new types of tasks with unfamiliar rules. This lesson is about concluding what you know
  • Achievable tasks. Select activities based on language they have done with you and which they know well. If they can achieve the tasks you give them they will go away with a sense of achievement. Try not to draw attention to their weaknesses. They are poor at listening? Don’t do one in the last lesson!
    You can also show them a task they tried in the first term with you if you are sure they will find it much easier
  • Fun. Plan short and fairly ‘light’ activities which flow in to each other. A detailed reading comprehension would not be appropriate Choose a word search, crossword or vocabulary game to kick off the theme. Choose activities they have enjoyed the most: a song, a dialogue based on a brief video clip or a questionnaire to spark discussion. Higher levels might even enjoy a longer bit of video. Try to create a ‘party’ atmosphere.
  • Reward achievement. Try to include at least one task which has a score: points for each word guessed or a team game with points. Make sure it doesn’t feel like a test!
    Make sure the tasks focus on what they have learned with you and congratulate them on what they have achieved during feedback.
  • Achievement certificates
    If appropriate, make fun achievement certificates to give out at a mock awards ceremony or hold a class vote for the winners in different categories:
    • The student most likely to get by alone on a London street
    • The student who knows the most vocabulary
    • The student who makes the best effort at pronunciation
    • The student who is good at correcting their own mistakes
    • Best actor in class role plays
    • Best public speaker/ at getting their point across
    • The person who can be the funniest in English
    • Best singer of English songs
    • Person most likely to become an English teacher

Remember that it has also been a year where you have learned things from them. If they will understand, keep it simple, and let them know what you have achieved with them!

By Clare Lavery


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