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Keith Harding - From ELT to TLE: taking learning beyond the classroom

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This webinar with Keith Harding, from November 2015, looks at ways of making the most of the learning opportunities that lie beyond the classroom.

About the webinar

Keith looks at ways to incorporate concepts such as online learning, blended learning and the flipped classroom, but also at more established ELT orthodoxies. In this talk, he offers a new approach and methodology: the ‘Total Learning Experience’ (TLE). The idea behind TLE is simple: every environment you find yourself in is a learning environment, every experience is a learning experience. The classroom is one such environment, and although it is a very important one, we are missing an enormous opportunity if we do not exploit the learning environment beyond. Most teachers and language teaching organisations are aware of this potential, but how effective are they at bridging the gap between what happens in the classroom and the vast pool of learning resources beyond?

The webinar revisit some familiar areas, such as needs analysis, functional and skills-based teaching, task-based learning, and the use of digital communicative technology. It will refer to a recent action research project using a group of adult learners in London in order to demonstrate the practical steps involved in making TLE effective. It will also show how published coursebook materials can be used to make classroom-based learning TLE-friendly.

Download the resource below for practical ideas about implementing TLE.

About the speaker

Keith Harding was born in London and educated at St Albans School, and at King's College Cambridge. He completed a Ph.D. in History at the University of Sussex in 1983, before beginning his career in EFL.

He worked in language schools in Brighton and International House, London, before joining St Giles International where he has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer (CELTA), Director of Studies, and, since 1994, as Principal. He has worked at both the London Highgate and San Francisco centres. He completed his RSA Diploma in 1985, and has taught all levels and aspects of EFL.

Watch a recording of the webinar below