Kaleidescope is a project that mixes video and original pieces of writing from well-known authors in three capital cities – Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

The package consists of a piece of poetry or prose, which looks at the city from an insider’s point of view. A simple movie accompanies the writing to help the language learner understand lexical or cultural items that require explanation.

Each pack includes teacher’s notes with a suggested procedure and classroom worksheets for students. These resources include pre-viewing and follow-up tasks.

The focus of this pack is Edinburgh. It includes an original piece of writing by the author Ron Butlin and is called The Magicians of Edinburgh



When I download the worksheets/student activities I get the teacher's notes and key.


I've had the same trouble - the students' worksheet link is the same as the teacher's notes. Help! Cheers : ) 

Thanks for letting us know about the student worksheets - the correct worksheet should now be available.


How could I do to download the video, if possible? As I think it is of much help to get on with the class in a more appropriate way!

Hi Mondon,
You can download the teacher's notes and the worksheets but the video isn't downloadable for copyright reasons.

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