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Journeys of Reflective Practice

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This book demonstrates ten teacher educators' professional reflective journeys through action research.

This non-academic research book, Journeys of Reflective Practice, is a compilation of the research findings and reflections from teacher educators who have effectively demonstrated their understanding of action research and classroom enquiry. Each one actively investigated a challenge they faced in the classroom or training room to better understand their learners and how to strengthen their teaching and training skills. 

This book is borne out of the work of a project in Nepal, called Strengthening Teacher Educators' Professional Skills (STEPS), and focuses on two of the professional practices in the Teaching for Success CPD Frameworks for teachers and teacher educators: 

  • Researching and contributing to the profession (CPD Framework for teachers educators)
  • Taking responsibility for your own professional development (CPD Framework for teachers)

The book can be used by other teachers and educators as a reference to further help them tackle similar issues in their own professional lives.

This publication is free to download in pdf format below.