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John Shackleton - CPD Framework for teacher educators

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In this talk, John looks at what the Continuing Professional Development Framework for teacher educators is and how it can be used.

About the webinar

John's presentation will discuss three things:

1. the rationale underpinning the characteristics of the CPD Framework for teacher educators in relation to:

  • overall competence
  • the professional practices and their sub-elements
  • the enabling skills
  • the self-awareness features
  • the development stages

2. how the framework was developed

3. how it might be used to:

  • define professional development pathways
  • identify specific areas for professional development
  • inform the content of programmes designed to develop the competence of teacher educators
  • organise resources that contribute to the professional development of teacher educators
  • evaluate progress of teacher educators in their continuing professional development

About the speaker

John Shackleton works for the British Council in London as Operations Manager, English for Education Systems. He has been involved in ELT for over 30 years, as a teacher, teacher trainer, trainer trainer, teaching centre manager, consultant and project manager. He has spent most of his career overseas - in France, Turkey, South Korea, Russia, Morocco, Japan and India. His areas of interest include quality assurance and competency frameworks for teachers and teacher educators.