Recorded on 12 June 2014, this webinar with Jo Budden takes a look behind the scenes of the LearnEnglish Teens website and focuses on its growing community. Jo looks at how the site is kept safe and offers a supportive environment to its users. She examines how and why teenagers interact and exchange ideas on the site and explores the language learning opportunities that this provides. She also looks at what else the teenagers are learning, apart from English, by communicating with their peers from around the world.

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About the speaker: Jo Budden is the Website Editor of the LearnEnglish Teens website. She has worked for the British Council since 1999 and has taught children and teenagers in Hong Kong, Egypt, Brazil and Spain. She is the author of Teen World, a resource book of communicative activities, and co-author of Interactive, a four-level coursebook for teenagers, all published by Cambridge University Press.

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