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James Taylor - What I've learned from teaching teenagers

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 James Taylor tells us what he's learned about teaching teenagers.

About the webinar

Just over a year ago, James started a new job. After ten years as a teacher, he was going to start teaching groups of teenagers for the first time. Up to this point, he had only taught adults, with a few teens in amongst the older students, but now he would have groups of exclusively teens. Needless to say, it was an intense and rewarding opportunity. In this talk, he will discuss the things that he has learned about English teaching through this new experience in his career.

About the speaker

Originally from Brighton, UK, James has taught English as a foreign language to adults and teenagers in Brazil, South Korea, Belgium and Costa Rica. He now works for Cultura Inglesa in Brasília, Brazil. He is a former President and co-founder of the Belgian English Language Teachers Association, and current board member of BrazTESOL Brasilia and BrazTESOL BESIG. He also produces the TEFL Commute podcast, writes, mentors, and presents at conferences, online and offline.

Watch a recording of this webinar below