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Introduction to the Core Inventory for General English

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These presentations by Susan Sheehan and Brian North introduce the Core Inventory for General English. November 2010, London.

The British Council and EAQUALS joined together to create the Core Inventory for General English. The intention of the project is to make the CEFR accessible to teachers and adult learners of General English. The book, which was launched on 11 November 2010, includes language points at the level(s) at which they are considered of most relevance to the learner in the classroom, illustrative scenarios for teaching and assessment and an extensive set of language exponents which exemplify the language points. It is an attempt to answer the question put by many teachers over the years of what to teach at each CEFR level. The Core Inventory is a practical reference of the minimum core content of a course and not a specification meeting the needs of a specific group of learners.

Useful links

  • Download the powerpoint presentation below.
  • Download Core Inventory posters for levels A1-C1 of the CEFR below.