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Introducing Dylan Thomas

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This unit is designed to introduce students to Dylan Thomas in the year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth. It gives students some basic biographical information on the writer and provides glimpses into his writing. It aims to give students the opportunity to get acquainted with Thomas’ work by paving the way for future lessons on specific pieces of writing.

Level: Intermediate/B1+

Time: 60 minutes approximately

Main aims:

  • To introduce students to Dylan Thomas, the man and the poet
  • To engage students with Thomas’ work and encourage extensive reading

Sub aims:

  • To help students to expand their vocabulary, with a focus on adjectives
  • To give students opportunities to develop the four skills, especially listening and reading
  • To give students the opportunity to carry out independent internet research to find out more information on the writer
  • To motivate students to use their creativity to create their own learning resources