Theme: Inventions and the impact of technology on our lives
Lexical area: inventions, definitions, comparatives and superlatives.
Cross curricular links: Science and technology, Social Science, Personal and Social Education

The amount of background you give and the depth of discussion depends on the level of your students. It could be useful to have dictionaries available (English-English) so you can check definitions and look at the language used to describe devices. An important point to make is that the British have a history of invention and work in engineering and research but their ideas are then better exploited by Japan and America.
In this lesson, students will talk about important past innovations, describe inventions and their impact on their lives, and come up with a new invention to present to the class.

Topic: Inventions and their impact on society

• To review vocabulary related to inventions
• To practise speaking skills, giving opinons and presenting an invention
• To review comparatives
• To practise describing inventions

Age group: 12 - adult

Level: B1 / B2

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Materials: Innovation Nation student worksheet

By: Clare Lavery.


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