This lesson plan for teachers of older teenagers and adults at Intermediate level and above explores the theme of Inca society. Students will develop their reading skills collaboratively.


This is a reading lesson based on a text about Inca society. Reading can be a very solitary activity, but this lesson has been designed to maximise the amount of communication and interaction among the students, so that they work collaboratively and develop their own opinions about the content of the text.


Inca society


Intermediate +


60-90 mins


  • To develop students' ability to take information from a text and form their own opinions about it
  • To develop students' ability to deduce the meaning of words in a text


Lesson plan: guide for teacher on procedure and answer keys.

Download lesson plan 99k pdf

Worksheets: worksheets which can be printed out for use in class. The worksheet contains:

  • a 'jigsaw' text activity
  • a text about the Inca
  • a vocabulary matching activity
  • a comprehension development activity
  • a vocabulary revision / pronunciation task

Download worksheets 85k pdf

For more information about this topic you can visit the BBC site:


Nik Peachey, teacher, trainer and materials writer.
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Lesson plan

The topic of history and heritage could be inherently problematic for some learners, and the tribal element of this plan, and the atrocities involved with downfall of the Inca tribe, may be distressing for those who have experienced such events in their own lives.



It's very useful, and I am gonna use it for my students. Thank you a lot, and expect more...

The text has mistakes in it!They took control of other cultures through a mixture !! arms and gifts.Today it still stands, at the top !! a both cases the word of is mising and need to be inserted wher the !!s are.

I think this lesson will be a kind of good refreshment because my course book is good but does not have anything  about Incas .I will try this with my students for sure.

Hi, I did this lesson today with my adult teachers class here in Madrid, and at least one was offended - maybe he was speaking on behalf of the others feelings. He said it reflected negatively on spain and spanish people. I don't agree with his opinion but as a teacher I have to aacknowledge it. Everyody is entitled to their own opinion and I would recommend English teachers in Spain to be careful using this lesson..

Thank you for the lesson. This site is truly a life saver for teacher who often don't have time to properly prep material for students. I am unable to find worksheet C.

The worksheets are now uploaded - thanks again for letting us know!

Best wishes,
TE Team

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