The Image Conference - livestream

      We are pleased to announce that TeachingEnglish will be livestreaming this Saturday's Image Conference and hosting exclusive interviews from 9.30am. You can also follow our coverage on the TeachingEnglish Facebook page

      The Image Conference is taking place at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB Casa Convelescencia, Barcelona on Saturday 8th June. The conference has been organised by the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG and UAB Idiomes and is the first conference exclusively on the use of film video, image and gaming in language teaching.

      The image conferenceToday, our society and our world are saturated with visual stimulation. The visual image has taken over, in a sense, for better or for worse. In the twenty-first century, the ability to interpret and analyse images is an integral part of literacy. We should therefore see images in all their different forms as a legitimate means to enhance 21st century literacy. For young people to participate fully in our society and its culture means to be as confident in the use and understanding of images as of the printed word. Both print literacy and visual literacy are essential aspects of literacy in the twenty-first century. We accept that society has a responsibility to help children to read and write; we should also accept we have a responsibility to help children and young people to enjoy, analyse, understand and learn from images. The Image Conference aims to put images at the centre of the language learning agenda.

      Livestream timetable

      9.30 to 10.30Jamie Keddie - Visual literacy in ELT   
      10.45 to 11.45Kieran Donaghy - Short and sweet: Using short films to promote creativity and communication
      11.55 to 12.10Interviews with speakers

      12.15 to 13.15 

      Kyle Mawer - Video games and visual graphics
      14.15 to 15.00Interviews with speakers
      15.00 to 16.00Ceri Jones - Unleashing the power of images
      16.15 to 17.15John Hughes - Writing scripts for ELT video
      17.25 to 17.40Interviews with speakers
      17.45 to 18.45Lindsay Clandfield - The critical eye



      To see the full programme click here



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