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IATEFL YLTSIG Emerald Anniversary web conference

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Watch recordings of talks from the web conference.

About IATEFL YLT Special Interest Group (SIG)

Throughout IATEFL YLTSIG’s history, the SIG has striven for TEYL to be taken seriously as an ELT specialism through events, publications and community-building initiatives. At the centre, there has been the aim for TEYL to be recognised as a profession - underpinned by research, best international practices and quality teaching standards. Therefore, this event hopes to represent TEYL’s coming-of-age and to celebrate the profession’s many successes.

About the web conference

The three days include keynotes, plenaries, inspires, talks and quizzes. The global speaker line-up includes Joan Kang Shin, Daniel Xerri, Carol Read, Bruno Andrade, Vinicius Nobre, Gail Ellis and many more. The conference sessions are organised as six key strands:

Strand 1: Innovative classroom practices

Strand 2: Professional development

Strand 3: Global skills

Strand 4: Diversity and inclusion

Strand 5: Practitioners’ working conditions

Strand 6: Language learners’ rights and child protection

Watch recordings of all the talks