In this lesson, students will practise Halloween vocabulary, and sing a song or watch a story. Depending on stages chosen, they will then invent an animal skeleton, write a spooky story, play a Halloween game, or invent a magic potion. Finally, they will make a paper skeleton, then write and talk about it. To finish off, they can do a quiz, a tongue twister, play a game or read some jokes. For homework, they can complete a worksheet or write about Halloween in their country on the LearnEnglish Kids site.

Topic: Halloween
Aims: To practise (depending on stages chosen):
  • vocabulary: Halloween; body parts; animals; rooms
  • structure: ‘there was’
  • curricular work: recipes; interviews
  • skills: integrated skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Age group: Primary
Level: A1
Time: 90 minutes approximately (depending on stages chosen)
Please note: to access any of the downloadable worksheets or flashcards on LearnEnglish Kids, you will need to log in to the LearnEnglish Kids site separately. 
This lesson plan replaces the resource 'Halloween'. You can still access the previous resource by downloading the document in the attachments below.
Rachael Ro


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