In this lesson, learners will practise Halloween vocabulary, and sing a song or watch a story. Depending on stages chosen, they will then invent an animal skeleton, write a spooky story, play a Halloween game, or invent a magic potion. Finally, they will make a paper skeleton, then write and talk about it. To finish off, they can read some jokes or try a tongue twister. For homework, they can write about Halloween in their country on the LearnEnglish Kids site or try a worksheet.

Topic: Halloween
Aims: To develop and practise (depending on stages chosen):
  • vocabulary: Halloween; body parts; animals; rooms
  • structure: ‘there was’
  • curricular work: recipes; interviews
  • integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing
Age: Primary (7-11 years)
Time: 90 minutes approximately (depending on stages chosen)
Rachael Ro


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